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Top 3 Metaverse Games Play-to-Earn

Metaverse game is an online game that enables players to interact within one virtual world. The Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet for the next 20 years. Metaverse games allow you to play at your own pace and promote your brands according to your own terms. People use avatars to live in the metaverse, which give wings to the imagination of the players to move defying the physics.

Below is the Top 3 Metaverse Games Play-to-Earn

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the largest gaming cryptos to play and it is a Pokemon style game. By using this game, users can earn money or SLPs for their “Axies,” which are the pets they own by breeding, racing, and trading them.

The game’s goal is to build up a team of three Axies and use them in a battle against other players. To earn the tokens, you can either complete your daily quest or take part in an Adventures or take part in an Arena battles, using your energy, which is minted daily. Since each Axie is a NFT, it can be bought and sold on the Axie Marketplace. These NFTs can be traded for higher profits. Over the past few years, the popularity of games such as Axie Infinity has skyrocketed by enormous margins.

The AXS token is a platform for ERC-20 utility tokens, used for:

Governance: AXS token holders will be able to decentralize their tokens and take part in governance voting.

Staking: Players will be able to stake AXS to win weekly rewards.

Payments: Players can use AXS tokens to play games and make payments.


2. Sandbox

The sandbox is one of the most prominent entries among the top metaverse games available right now. It provides a virtual world in which you may develop, take ownership of, and even profit from monetization opportunities as a result of your game experience.

The Sandbox ,which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, is a decentralized platform where players create their own digital universe using visual scripting tools. Players make games and store assets on LAND, The Sandbox’s digital real estate.

The Sandbox is powered by SAND tokens. Players can use these tokens for in-game transactions, such as buying equipment and LAND. There are a limited number of LAND plots available. Only 166,464 will exist, and some have sold for more than $50,000.


3. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a decentralized 3D virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. MANA allows users to buy virtual plots of land and build your own environments such as theme parks or casinos using NFTs.Users can earn money by charging other players to visit their virtual structures.

There are a total of 90,601 individual pieces of virtual land on the system. Each is in the form of an NFT, referred to as a LAND. As a result, land trade is a non-financial transaction. Decentraland has already sold more than 28 million dollars worth of virtual land (an individual piece of land selling for a whopping $180000! ).


How to invest in Metaverse Games?

You can directly buy tokens issued by metaverse games, such as MANA, AXS and SAND.

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