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How To Buy THETA NETWORK(THETA) For Beginners?

What Is Theta Network(THETA)

Theta (THETA) is the Ethereum token of the THETA network project. The THETA network project, affiliated to Theta Labs, is a new generation of decentralized video streaming platform based on native blockchain technology. The platform rewards content viewers who share bandwidth with THETA tokens, provides high-definition video content, and reduces video distribution costs.

Theta Network aims to develop more efficient ways to distribute any type of content and data globally through a paid peer-to-peer network. The Theta blockchain utilizes native tokens to incentivize individual users to share surplus computing power and bandwidth resources as a cache or relay node for video streams. This mechanism can improve the quality of video streams and solve the "last mile" transmission problem, the main bottleneck of traditional information transmission channels, especially for ultra-high-definition high-bit rate 4K, 8K video and next-generation video streams.

With sufficient network density, video platforms can significantly reduce the cost of content delivery networks (CDNs) for most viewers to grab video streams from peer-to-peer caching nodes. Theta Network introduced an end-user token reward mechanism to help video platforms attract viewers, increase revenue, and provide differentiated content and viewing experiences.


Usage Scenario

Theta Network plays an important role of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in the video streaming ecosystem. It primarily provides the backbone infrastructure to stream video to end viewers. The main limitation of today's CDN networks is the so-called "last mile" delivery problem. Typically, CDN providers establish point-of-presence (POP) data centers at many locations around the world, hoping that these persistence will be geographically close to the audience.

However, the number of CDNs that persistence can effectively provide is limited, and therefore cannot approach enough audiences, especially in less economically developed regions. This "last mile" link is often a bottleneck in the stream delivery channel, often resulting in a poor user experience. Another major concern for streaming sites is CDN bandwidth costs. For popular sites, CDN bandwidth costs can easily run into the tens of millions of dollars per year. Even with the platform's own proprietary CDN, maintenance costs are often high.


How THETA Works

THETA's blockchain network is based on a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol, enabling participants to earn rewards through real-time payments for content distribution. The network also allows developers to build DApps on its open-source blockchain protocol.

THETA uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism similar to the Tendermint blockchain protocol, which is based on stake. This means that participants lock up a large amount of THETA tokens for the right to process blocks of transactions. The total amount of Theta (THETA) is 100000000000.


How To Buy Theta Network(THETA)

To buy THETA, first you need to choose a crypto exchange.

Step 1: log in to a reliable exchange website and enter the market page.

Step 2: Register to create your account and bind the bank account.

Step 3: Search for THETA.

Step 4: Fill in the purchase quantity and click to buy. If it is sold, fill in the sell quantity and click to sell.


Where To Buy THETA?

THETA has a good short-term rise, and more major cryptocurrency exchanges have started offer trading opportunities in THETA.


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